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My long, snowy walk took me through Beacon Hill Park. I wandered along all the paths beside the ponds, until I began to feel the cold.


View of the Legislature Buildings on my way to the park.


Entering Beacon Hill Park from Douglas Street. The Garry Oak meadow is an outline of lacy texture against the snow sky.





View to the stone bridge. I love the subtle shades of green, yellow and blue amongst the grey and white.



Autumn leaves which never fell.


A small iron bridge over a tiny stream.


Walking back home to Chinatown in the snowy dusk light. The trees which line Government Street are now illuminated with red and pink lights for Valentine’s Day.


I love our neighbourhood! Chinatown, the oldest in Canada and second oldest in North America, is beautiful and magical – and never more so than with snow! After hanging out with our visiting family, I spent the afternoon walking in a sparkling blizzard.





We had a few lovely days of snow last week, a rarity for February on the Canadian west coast. Monday was the best day. We spent the morning with family who were visiting from up island.


Breakfast at Mo:Lé, watching the snow.


Such a pretty pup! Lovely Lana.


Still life with snow.


All snow smiles for M, her pup Lana, and Uncle GJ!


M builds a tiny snow person.

In the dark morning hours of the last Monday in November, I hopped onto a bus which took me to Swartz Bay, and the first morning ferry to Vancouver. My sister was visiting the big city for the week, and we took the opportunity to spend some time together, as we wouldn’t be able to spend the Festive Season together this year. We enjoyed a gentle day wandering in the beautiful city; spent some time on Granville Island, heard a lovely young man play beautiful music, and ate a delicious dinner at Vig’s. The last ferry at 9 pm brought me back to Victoria.


A little after sunrise from the deck of a BC Ferries vessel to Vancouver.


A lovely morning sky on South Granville Street. A few flakes of snow fell here and there throughout the day.


Looking towards the North Shore mountains from downtown Vancouver.


Musician Shawn Bullshields sings sweetly in the icy-cold air of Granville Island.


Late afternoon sky from Granville Island.


I loved the colours of this church and the autumn leaves around it in the dwindling daylight.


Waiting to eat at Vig’s new location on Cambie Street. So delicious, beautiful space, and wonderful service.

Another perfect autumn day, this time for a bicycle ride. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful cycling trail system. I took the Galloping Goose trail out of town, and then turned onto the Lochside Trail heading north. About 20 minutes out, I turned right onto the Blenkinsop Greenway which took me to Blenkinsop Road and my shopping destination, The Rootcellar. It was a crisp and cold day, but bright, and so very autumnal.


Heading home along the Blenkinsop Greenway. There is farmland on either side of this section of the trail.


Many starlings.


From the trestle bridge approaching Swan Lake.


Swan Lake in Saanich.


Another view of Swan Lake through copper-coloured leaves.

A lovely warm day last week enticed us out for a long walk. We just took our usual route along the harbour and waterfront, and through Beacon Hill Park – plus coffee with a friend. A perfect autumn day.


We were on the walkway along Dallas Road, very near Odgen Point, when we saw a small crowd watching something in the water below. The tide was high, so conditions were perfect for this pair of harbour seals (adult and juvenile) to feed on a school of tiny fish they had boxed in against the wall of the road/walkway. The younger one seemed to get bored once in a while and dart out to sea before coming back to help with the hunt. Perhaps it was actually rounding up escapees!


Bobbing upside down to watch the prey and decide her next move…


A beautiful bald eagle sits atop the Totem Pole in Beacon Hill Park. Once the tallest in the world, this majestic pole was restored in 2011. Read more here.


Bright colour, dark sky – Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC.


A yellowing ginkgo tree at the edge of a reflecting pond in Beacon Hill Park.


Coffee, cappuccino, and hot chocolate while sitting outside in the sun at the new location of Discovery Coffee.


Back home to Chinatown underneath this beautiful sky.

We’ve just started a new club for fellow vintage bicycle enthusiasts in Victoria. In spite of the only rainy day of the summer, a few of us braved the moisture, and had a quick ride in Fairfield. We stopped in Beacon Hill Park for a leisurely repast of tea and cake, plus lemon currant shortbread cookies delivered to our starting point by a member who didn’t want to ride in the rain, but still wanted us to enjoy the cookies! We ended at The Drake Eatery for a drink. A very lovely day and nice to meet new friends and connect with a dear friend we don’t see enough of!